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Mission Statement:
The Vocations Office of the Diocese of Monterey, as part of a dynamic Catholic Community, seeks to promote vocation awareness and establish a climate favorable to Church Ministry- ecclesial, professional and religious. It endeavors to increase the number of quality laity, religious and diocesan priests by actively educating for recruitment; identifying, inviting and welcoming potential candidates.

The Diocesan Vocations Team works in close association with the Bishop, Vocation Board, diocesan clergy, committed laity and religious men and women for vocation promotion.

Description of Ministry:
The Vocations Office,

  • Assists laity, clergy and religious at the parish level in promoting church related vocations.
  • Coordinates discernment gatherings and seminar days for those exploring church related ministry, priesthood and religious life.
  • Provides vocation resources.
  • Interviews, screens and guides those in vocation discernment.
  • Assists with spiritual, academic and pastoral development of seminarians.

Director’s Message:
Every baptized Christian is called by God to share their gifts/talents in service of others. Some are called to be spouses, parents, single persons. Others are called to be priests, sisters, brothers, and deacons.

Through prayer, reflection and conversations with others, one discovers one`s dreams and how best to respond to the personal power of Jesus!

If you are interested in pursuing a call to diocesan lay ministry, priesthood or religious life, please contact the Vocations Office listed above.

Vocations Board:
Bishop Richard Garcia, Fr. Alberto Vazquez, Fr. Kenneth Brown, Fr. Roberto Vera, Fr. Dominic Castro, Deacon Nick Pasculli, Patrick Mooney, Maria Orozco, Secretary.


425 Church Street
Monterey, CA 93940

Phone: 831 373-4345 xt 248

Fax: 831 373-6761


Web Site: