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Holy Communion

Holy Communion and Confirmation Preparation

Sacramental Preparation for Children
  • Our Parish School of Religion provides education in the Catholic Faith and Sacramental Preparation for grades 1-12.
  • First Reconciliation (Penance) is ordinarily received after two full-years of catechesis (regularly in Second Grade).
  • First Holy Communion for children (First Eucharist) is ordinarily received after another year of catechesis (regularly in Second Grade).
  • Confirmation is ordinarily received after two full years of catechesis at the end of the 8th grade school year.
  • For information and details please contact Jeanmarie Centeno at the parish office 831-637-9212.
Sacramental Preparation for Adults

Many Catholic adults have not yet received their First Holy Communion or Confirmation. This may be for any number of reasons. Whatever the reason we are glad to help baptized Catholics to prepare for sacraments as adults. Please visit the RCIA page for information about how to get started.

Holy Communion to the Sick

If you are at home, please contact the parish office (831) 637-9212 to arrange an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion to visit you. In case of hospitalization, inform the hospital staff that you are a Catholic and would like to receive Holy Communion and they will relay the message to the parish office.